Thursday, February 11, 2010

When Was The Projector Invented When Invented The Digital Projector?

When invented the digital projector? - when was the projector invented

The LCD projector was invented by New York inventor Gene Dolgoff. He began to work on it at the university in 1968 as a way to make a video projector to produce lighter than CRT projectors available 3 then. The idea was to use the so-called "light valve to regulate the amount of light through them. This would be out there with a very strong source of light. After the test, many different materials, created in the liquid crystal to modulate light in 1971. It took until 1984 for an ad Addressable Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), which is where it the world's first LCD projector built. By construction, many problems have have seen, including significant loss of light and the pixels very clearly resolved. Then they invented new optical methodscreate a high performance, high brightness and a projector invented elliminate depixelization about pixel aspect ratio. With patents in the world, started Projectavision, Inc. in 1988, now the world's first LCD projector, the audience took on the NASDAQ in 1990. It is allowed the technology to other companies like Panasonic and Samsung. This technology and the company started the industry of digital projection. In 1989 he was awarded the first contract Darpa (suggest 1 million euros), the need for the HDTV standard the United States, the digital processing and projection used. As a member of the National Association of Manufacturers of Photography (NAPM) Sub-Committee on Standards, IT7-3, with Leon Shapiro, co-developed globally ANSI standard for measuring the brightness, disadvantages, indicationsSt, and the resolution of electronic projectors.


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